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When is it time to replace door locks

Door locks don’t last forever, and they are bound to give you trouble at some point. If you aren’t sure whether or not to replace a particular lock, here are some instances that call for new locks.

Worn locks

Wear and tear are inevitable. When locks are worn or rusted, it will obviously make them more vulnerable to break-ins. If you notice rust, tarnish, or severe wear, consider having the lock replaced. Replacing a lock sooner rather than later reduces the chance of the lock breaking or seizing unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient time.


When any lock is compromised due to a break-in, the first thing that will need to be resolved is the replacement of all locks. Even if the locks are not broken, if they have been tampered with, they need to be replaced to prevent a repeat robbery. If you had any keys on site and, subsequent to the break-in, they have gone missing; you should definitely have all locks replaced. Lock replacement should also be done even before any repairs or cleaning up takes place.

Lost keys

If you lose your keys or if they are stolen, replacing the lock or locks is essential. Make sure that you find out which locks were lost and then have the locks replaced. Remember that you should never postpone this kind of lock replacement. Any delays increase the chances of your safety being compromised.

New roommate or tenant

If you rent out a home or a room, you will provide them with keys. When the lease comes to an end, the tenant will need to hand their keys in. However, there is no guarantee that they didn’t make copies. Before renting the property out to anyone else, you should have all the locks replaced.

Buy a new property

If you buy a new home, you should have the locks replaced before you move in. There is no guarantee that they have not made copies or possibly given copies to friends or family members.

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