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High-security locks are becoming increasingly popular for personal and professional security. Both commercial and residential properties require increased protection against possible burglars which is why more intricate locks and keys have developed over the years. While these locks do a great job at keeping intruders out, it can be quite unsettling to property owners when even they cannot access their home or business. If you are experiencing any problems with your high-security lock, contact Ottawa Top Locksmith immediately. We are available 24/7 for all your urgent locksmith needs.

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Benefits of choosing high-security locks

There are many advantages of installing high-security locks. These are some of the main reasons people choose them for their homes and businesses:

  • The keys are difficult to duplicate because they are specially designed in order to prevent duplication. Only authorized locksmiths are able to perfectly and professionally duplicate these keys.
  • High-security locks cannot be picked using your average lock picking toolkit. Specialized tools are needed as well as training and experience.
  • Hi-tech lock systems make it possible to monitor the security of your home or office even when you’re not there. There are even some varieties that notify the local police department for a speedy response time.
  • They are extremely tough and hold up extremely well even when faced with physical attacks.
  • These locks are also resistant to drilling which is one of the most common techniques used by burglars.


When to call a locksmith for your high-security lock

High-security locks can malfunction just like any other lock. Although they are usually of a much higher quality and malfunctions are not as common, here are some instances that call for professional locksmith services:

  • Your high-security lock won’t open
  • The key turns continuously without operating the lock
  • One or more keys to the lock have been lost
  • One or more keys to the lock have been stolen
  • You have recently experienced a break-in, and your security has been compromised
  • You are signing a new lease or purchasing a property


If any of these circumstances apply to you, contact Ottawa Top Locksmith at (613) 518-1131 for urgent service by trained professionals.


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