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residential-locksmith-ottawaOttawa Top Locksmith offers locals the most affordable, reliable and secure choice in emergency Ottawa locksmith services. Our comprehensive residential locksmith experience allows our team to provide fast, professional results so that our customers experience the absolute minimum inconvenience.

If you have lost your house keys and you cannot gain access to your home, call our professional locksmith team right away for same day residential locksmith services. When keys are lost, it’s also a good idea to have the relevant locks replaced. Even if you have a spare set of keys in your house, for safety and security reasons, lock replacement is the best way to set your mind at ease.

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We specialize in residential locksmith services:

  • Lock ins
  • Lock outs
  • Patio door lock repair
  • Patio door lock replacement
  • Garage door lock repair
  • Garage door lock replacement
  • Repair and/or installation of locks
  • High Security Locks
  • High cabinet locks
  • Closet locks
  • Safe locksmith
  • Electronic locks
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth locks


Canada’s Capital Worthy Locksmith Services!  

In some cases, keys can get stuck inside the lock and even break off. Should this be the case, professional assistance from a reputable locksmith company is best if you want to avoid any unnecessary damage to the door itself. With us, your satisfaction and safety are of primary concern.

  • Do you replace entry door locks?

    Yes, our professional team of experienced specialists knows how to replace any entry door lock quickly and without causing any unnecessary damage to your door.

  • Should I exert a lot of force on my wood door to get it to lock?

    Wood doors and structures made from wood tend to modify over time. Weather conditions and temperatures can accelerate these modifications. This can affect the alignment of the lock and, as such, you might feel like you have to force the door shut before locking it. When this occurs, feel free to contact our team for expert advice. Forcing the door will only result in excessive wear and tear.

  • Should I force a door key until it turns?

    If you turn any house door key and you find that it is met with increased resistance, you should never force the key. In doing so, you can cause the key to break off, and a large piece will remain stuck inside the lock. The best thing to do is call us for fast, professional assistance.


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