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What is lock rekeying?

When a lock is rekeyed, the springs and pins inside the lock cylinder are removed and replaced with new springs and pins. These new pins and springs will no longer work with the old key, but rather with the new one. So, instead of replacing the entire lock, you can simply have it rekeyed! Ottawa Top Locksmith offers professional lock rekeying services, and our team is available 24/7 for all your locksmith emergencies.

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When should I have a lock rekeyed?

One of the most common reasons for having a lock rekeyed is for security reasons. If you are a new tenant or owner of a property, you can never really tell how many keys or copies of the master key were made. Before you move all of your valuable and sentimental items into your new home, it’s important to make sure that the property is secure. The same can be said for commercial properties. Before you set up your business, stock up, and call your IT specialist, make sure that you have a professional locksmith rekey all the locks.

If you are planning on having contractors work on the building (residential or commercial) before you move in, you should have them do so prior to rekeying the locks. If you rekey first and then lend the keys to the contractor, you cannot be completely sure that your property is as secure as it should be.

In addition, single-builder communities often mean that the locks have been construction master keyed. This means that there is a fairly high chance that there are master pins left in the lock and more than a dozen different keys could successfully open your locked door. Rekeying the lock removes these master pins and makes it impossible for other keys to operate the lock.


When you call a professional to rekey any lock, it’s important to understand that this also gives the locksmith the chance to examine the lock itself. If the lock shows significant signs of wear or if it is seriously malfunctioning, then a lock replacement might be your only course of action. If you have requested for a lock to be rekeyed, our team will respect your request while offering our professional opinion should you wish to reconsider and have the lock completely replaced. Contact us on (613) 518-1131 for speedy lock rekeying services throughout Ottawa.


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