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auto-locksmithIt’s happened to the best of us – locking the car only to find that we left the keys inside! If this happens to you, then the good news is that you will only need to call us, your automotive locksmith professionals, to have the lock opened. You will not need to worry about a lock replacement since the keys have not fallen into the wrong hands.

If your car doors do not open or if they are damaged in such a way that your key does not work, then gaining access to your car will at least allow you to drive to your nearest auto repair shop for the lock to be replaced.

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We specialize in Automotive locksmith services:

  • Transponder Key Production
  • Ignition Unlocking
  • How long until I can be on my way?

    Our team is available 24/7, and we typically arrive anywhere in Ottawa within 20 minutes. We understand that you want to get on with your day sooner rather than later which is why we always work as quickly as possible while taking care not to cause any additional damage.

  • Should I use lubricants like WD-40 on my locks?

    WD-40 and other petroleum based lubricants might seem to work well at first. Over time, however, they dry, and a sticky film remains. Dirt can get stuck to this sticky substance, and it will inhibit the moving parts of your lock. Graphite is also a bad idea for car locks because you will simply end up with a kind of muddy substance inside your locks. A silicon or Teflon based lubricant would be a better option. Proper maintenance will ensure that your locks last that much longer.

  • Should I try to force the lock myself?

    If you cannot insert the key into the lock or if you find that the key does not turn all the way to lock or unlock your car, it's best not to force it. If you do, you can cause even more damage to the lock, and the key could even get stuck or break off inside the lock. At such a stage, key extraction will be your only option.


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