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Top 5 door lock problems

Apart from the usual wear and tear, door locks also endure plenty of punishment from the elements. When you notice that a particular door lock does not work as well as it used to, there are a number reasons behind the problem. Here are the top 5 door lock problems that you are most likely to encounter.

Seized lock

If you insert the key in the lock, but it won’t turn, the lock could have seized. Locks often seize when dirt or grime gets caught in the mechanism. In some cases, if the damage is not too great, the lock can be cleaned out. After the lock is clean, it will need to be lubricated. After spraying the lubricant into the lock, you will need to insert the key and gently wiggle it around. This will help spread the lubricant around. If the lock still does not work, then it’s certainly time to call a professional.

Weather stripping

The weather stripping around your door is essential for preventing or at least limiting air infiltration. When the weather stripping becomes loose or shifts, it can cause the door lock to become misaligned. If not properly aligned, the lock will not work properly. In some cases, you will simply need to set the weather stripping back in place or have it replaced.


The cold weather can seriously impact the way any door functions. When temperatures drop substantially, the lock can freeze. There are a number of solutions including heating the key or spraying a solution inside the lock to thaw it out. Insert the key and wiggle it around gently until it turns. If you use hot water to heat the key, make sure that you dry it off before inserting in the lock.

Latch not catching

If the strike plate and bolt are misaligned, the latch will not catch when you shut the door. In some cases, the latch plate will need to be filed down. In other cases, if the latch plate is particularly shallow, you will need to make greater modifications.

Lock bolt problem

If you insert the key and turn it, but the lock does not lock or unlock, the lock mechanism is to blame. A locksmith will be able to determine whether a part will need to be replaced or the entire lock needs replacing. In most cases, a lock replacement is the easiest and quickest solution.

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